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Individual Ergonomics Coaching

One of our highly trained staff will meet with individual employees at their workstation and make an immediate assessment of any adjustments that can be made to currently existing equipment.  This one-on-one session will address specific heights, distances, lighting, tools, and techniques that effect everyday performance.  The employee is left with a written checklist that outlines their recommendations for future reference, and a brief office discomfort troubleshooter for future problems that may arise.  Optionally, a management report can be provided that lists any equipment changes that would be beneficial along with vendor sources for obtaining the needed equipment.  No equipment changes will be discussed with employees so as not to inappropriately raise expectations.


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The proliferation of the personal computer has brought about radical change to the way employers do business.  Along with huge improvements in productivity the personal computer has brought with it a range of health risk problems:  from mild aches and pains that reduce comfort and productivity to serious medical illnesses such as carpal tunnel syndrome that can cause permanent loss of function. Whether you have employees that complain about headaches and tired eyes or are trying to return an injured employee back to work, ECI has an array of Office Ergonomics Solutions designed to assist you. 

Accommodations Assessment

An accommodations assessment is most frequently needed when an injured employee returns to work or when hiring a worker with a disability. The  accommodations assessment is a detailed report of the ergonomics risk factors present that are likely to be a barrier to the employees’ successful return and options for improving the noted areas. Additionally, accommodation assessments are required when dealing with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADAAA) issues.    

ERGO Training Classes

ECI has developed several high energy training programs to assist employers in reducing Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s).  Special emphasis has been placed on the prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) in these programs. 

MSD Prevention Exercises:  A thirty-minute presentation designed to empower employees to participate in their own safety & health.  Special emphasis is placed on the kinds of strengthening and flexibility exercises that employees can do while working, on breaks, and at home to reduce their likelihood of developing MSD’s. 

Injury Prevention Training:  A thirty to sixty minute presentation that permits employees to make the best decisions possible when using their existing workstation and equipment.  This entertaining session supplies not only the required information, but also motivates participants to use it to protect themselves and increase productivity...working smarter not harder!