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We provide ergonomic solutions for specific environments, including the following:

  • Distribution Ergonomics
  • Healthcare Ergonomics
  • Industrial Ergonomics
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Airline Ergonomics
  • Transportation Ergonomics
2016 November Newsletter



Assessing the workplace for Ergonomic Risk Factors and ways for improved human performance is essential to the success of company. ECI's combined efforts with eliminating the risks of the job and effectively managing signs & symptoms, improves health and safety excellence. 

Our services reduce MSD's, improve human performance, increase productivity and lower costs to achieve health and safety excellence.  If your struggling with ergonomic design, equipment selection for office or industrial areas, new hire injury rates, or controlling MSD's, ECI offers usable solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.


Experienced Ergonomists AND Healthcare Professionals - the Winning Combination!

Our experts possess years of practical experience solving industry challenges. They work closely with your staff to ensure solutions meet your company goals. 

Practical Approach to Onsite Concerns

ECI’s Ergonomics Services encompass a full range of approaches to meet the needs of employers of all sizes: local, regional, and national.  The approaches utilized include:  post-offer testing, functional job descriptions, onsite injury services, job site analysis, workstation assessments, engineering design, ergonomic training, body mechanics and stretching training, and program development.  Whether you are interested in using our ergonomic programs or need professionally trained personnel to implement your own programs, ECI has the solution.  We offer services in all 50 states and our geographic coverage is second to none. 


What can ECI do for you?




  • 2017 Indiana Health & Safety Expo

         ​​​ Please visit our boothat the 2017 Indiana                      Safety and Health Conference & Expo,                            February 28 -  March 2, 2017. 

  • 2017 Ohio Safety & Congress Expo

          MARCH 8-10, 2017

          Exhibiiting and Workshops

           Workshop 1: 

           Ergonomics: Causes, Cases

           and Solutions 

           Workshop 2: Injury Prevention                              Techniques for the Aging Workforce

           Workshop 3:

           Safety and the Athletic  Trainer