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​​Training and education is one of the keys to a successful ergonomic initiative.  For all employees, without the proper skills and knowledge, one will not be able to successfully meet the requirements of their job. The section is provided to identify what the suggested skill or knowledge requirements are for managers, supervisors, engineers, human resource managers, employees, safety and health staff.

Experience the ECI Difference to Training

  • Expert Instructors

Ergonomic Consultants of Indiana, Inc. provides a staff of Safety Professionals, Ergonomic Consultants, and Licensed Healthcare             Professionals that have years of results-oriented experience and expertise, and are dedicated to Health & Safety Excellence. Additionally, ECI provides a team for VPPPA (Voluntary Protection Program) Certification who will assist corporations with achieving VPP Star certification. Ergonomic Consultants of Indiana, Inc. supports VPPPA Sites, provides workshops to the Regional and National Conferences for the Voluntary Protection Programs Association (VPPPA), and is a service provider of Worksite Ergonomic & Injury Management  Services.    

  • Classes designed to achieve success

 Customized classes tailored to your company and job demands. ECI unique class design customizes every training program  to help each  one of your team members solve actual ergonomic challenges in your company. Our classes use specific video and photos from your  Operations to ensure the content is practical and understandable.

  • Our Approach Effective & Interactive Training 


ECI emphasizes practical and simple concepts so staff can immediately start implementing skills and tools to solve issues.  Our training is very interactive and hands-on to keep all parties engaged. Our training programs are continually be updated to meet company goals.         


Injury Prevention education training classes for employees that focuses on proper body mechanics, anatomy, common types of injuries, and proper stretching. Classes are focused to the employees work environment such as Offices, Labs, Manufacturing, or Physical Laborers.


 Upcoming Conferences:


Managing the shop floor includes a challenge to maintain a stimulating and healthy work environment for your employees. It is essential to understand the "fit" between the worker, equipment, and the environment. Industrial ergonomics is made easy when you utilize our approach to identifying and resolving ergonomics issues with no-cost and low-cost solutions. 

  • 2017 Indiana Health & Safety Expo

         ​​​ Please visit our boothat the 2017 Indiana                      Safety and Health Conference & Expo,                            February 28 -  March 2, 2017. 

  • 2017 Ohio Safety & Congress Expo

          MARCH 8-10, 2017

          Exhibiiting and Workshops

           Workshop 1: 

           Ergonomics: Causes, Cases

           and Solutions 

           Workshop 2: Injury Prevention                              Techniques for the Aging Workforce

           Workshop 3:

           Safety and the Athletic  Trainer 

The goal of the training is to raise awareness of injury risks, workstation set up, and solutions for reducing discomfort and risks for injuries. Employees will learn solutions for correcting risk factors, options for improvement, and simple office ergonomic equipment to correct hazards.  




  • Engineer Design
  • Construction Ergonomics
  • Distribution Ergonomics
  • Transportation Ergonomics
  • Laboratory Ergonomics
  • Train The Trainer
  • Stretch Training
  • Spanish Ergonomic Classes